Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's the Little Things


It's the little things in life that make life fun and interesting. Little things like the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone that lets me take pictures with filters that change the way the pictures look (above is an example). Little things like watching Saint Gene and our two little dogs as they make their little procession up and down our street. Little things like being able to "pause" our TV while we go get a cup of coffee (we love our TIVO). Little things like watching the goldfish in my water garden as they eat the fish food I've just put out. Little things like hearing my wind chimes when a breeze blows through. Little things like the divine smell of the gardenias blooming beside my deck. Little things like being able to type this post on my laptop from the comfort of my recliner. Little things like the taste of a fresh baked (by Saint Gene) brownie.

I hope I alway remember to enjoy the little things.

Joy Journal: Little baby zinnias


Odd Chick said...

It's true! The little things help us have a big life. I love to hear my son sing in church. And I love to spit sunflower seeds out our door less old jeep when we putter around the farm, just little things.. But favorites of mine.

Anetka said...

I love your words Ernie. I can feel absolute peace when I read them. I should refocus my attention and articulate my little things.

Just Jane said...

So very true. Such nice little things to appreciate you have!

Sherry C said...

So true. Little things can bring big happiness. Sometimes we need reminding. Thanks!