Monday, April 09, 2012

Gearing Up for Summer

We're gearing up for summer at my house. We started bunches of tomato plants from seeds back in late February and now they have been transplanted into EarthBoxes or large planters. And would you believe that some of them have flowers already! From flowers come tomatoes and from tomatoes come wonderful tomato sandwiches! We started them a little too early thinking it would take them longer to reach transplant stage than it did. But fortunately for us (and for the little plants) winter pretty much skipped us this year. And that is not a complaint. I hate cold weather. But the fact that we've had spring during winter and are now entering summer during spring (does that make any sense at all?) means that we could put our little tender plant babies out earlier than normal and we should have tomatoes earlier than normal. And if you've been reading my blog for any length of time you know how I feel about home grown tomatoes. I'm not a gardener, I don't personally do a lot of playing in the dirt. But I am very much a garden lover and I'm married to a saint who enjoys playing in the dirt. And who also enjoys home grown tomatoes. Good combination, huh!


Saint Gene and I have been spending some time at my mother's home starting the process of sorting out her items and getting her house ready to sell. It's hasn't been the most pleasant process, digging through her things, stirring up memories, but at the same time it's allowed me to renew my memories of my mother as she really was. Not as the woman who had advanced dementia. Not as the woman who was bedridden and couldn't feed herself. But as the vibrant, active woman she was most of her life. As the woman with the most beautiful singing voice who sang while she worked around the house. As the woman who would tell you she wasn't creative but would make beautiful needlework or bake the best tasting cake you ever ate. As the woman who raised two children to become productive, responsible adults. It has been wonderful seeing that woman again through the photos she kept and through the things she found valuable. And I'm glad to have her back. I missed her.


Joy Journal: Popeye's Chicken is open!


Gaelyn said...

It's a two edged sword going through parent's belongings. Yet I agree, I saw my Mom with different eyes.

Nothing better than home-grown tomatoes. Do you deliver? ;)

Odd Chick said...

I know you are going to have such great tomatoes! You have inspired to dig my few holes and get mine planted. Regarding the clean out, I hope I'm years behind you. I am preparing for the possibility that my dad may come here to recover from his stroke. I hope to stay as positive as you have so graciously shown to me!

Just Jane said...

As you know, I'm just beginning the journey of saying goodbye to my dad. Reading this post helps me not to dread the packing up his life part. I'm glad you found some healing in the process.