Friday, May 18, 2012

This is What Happiness Looks Like


My back yard. This is what happiness looks like. A little wild and unruly, overplanted in a few places but perfectly right for me. You can get a glimpse of the two level water feature Saint Gene made for me - it's just to the left of the blue hydrangea. And speaking of that blue hydrangea, its color is just incredible. And it's absolutely covered with blooms. And next to it is an oakleaf hydrangea that is just beautiful. Those red pots you can see contain tomato plants and pepper plants. The Earth Boxes with their tomato plants are on the deck behind the red pots on the right and are hard to see in this picture. The light spots in the "grass" are just that, light spots where the sun is shining through the trees. Grass is in quotes because it's actually clover, grass and weeds that look lush right now. In the foreground you can see our shade garden with its hostas and impatiens. Just out of sight on the left (you can see the sun shining on the front support post) is our swing structure where my wonderful new memorial windchimes play tunes in the breeze. The windchimes were a gift from friends from my former office. They could not have come up with a better or more appropriate memorial for my mother. She loved gardening AND she had a beautiful singing voice. I think of her and of my friends every time the chimes play their beautiful tune. My two little dogs love the pathway you can see going through the left side of the shade garden. And if you look very carefully, you can see Tisa, our little toy poodle, standing at the top of the stairs. Ebony, our little Chihuahua is most likely in the bushes behind the water garden looking for frogs. I spend a lot of time sitting under the red deck umbrella you can barely see on the right, just enjoying my back yard. And soon this same back yard will be giving me the gift of tomatoes and peppers. 

Life is good.

Joy Journal: Warm sun, low humidity


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful but of course I knew it would be.


Just Jane said...

I'd never go inside if I had a secret garden like that. Marvelous!

Sherry C said...

So inviting.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I can see you spending hours on end in this beautiful back yard. What a treasure. Roxie