Monday, July 09, 2012

Avon Hell


I haven't been around much lately. Working on getting my mother's estate in order has pretty much taken most of my energy. Not so much my time, the estate certainly isn't that complicated. But it has been an emotional process. Yes, there has been some time involved especially the traveling back and forth, but going through her home and her "stuff" hasn't been the easiest thing to do. And boy did she have a lot of "stuff". She kept everything. Her house contained many boxes full of "stuff". There were boxes of stuff under her beds. The shelves in her closets had boxes of stuff. The attic had boxes of stuff. No, she wasn't a hoarder, but she was a packrat. Some of the boxes contained her family history files. She had done extensive geneaology research on both our family and my stepfather's family. I'm going to go through these files and disburse them out to the various family members that they pertain to. But the surprise was the number of boxes that contained Avon bottles. If Avon made a "collector" bottle, apparently she bought it. There are Avon bottles that look like shotgun shells, giraffes, flowers, cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, sea horses, barber poles, clocks, owls, candles, spools of thread and many, many more. Sure hope some Avon collectors come to the estate sale this weekend!!!


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Just Jane said...

I've been to a couple of flea market-type stores where Avon collector's bottles are big sellers. They are interesting and strange critters, aren't they?