Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting Ready for the Big Move

the Big Move
I'm moving!! I'm moving!! Ok, so it's just from one room to the other but it's a big move for me. My studio/craftroom/warehouse is moving from a small bedroom into a big bedroom. I've finally given myself permission to take over a room that was formerly the guest bedroom. We don't have guests. Almost never. So why was I reserving a room for guests we don't have? Now I'm not. I've been undergoing a big "stuff" purge recently and I've decided to reward myself with the move into the bigger room. We got rid of the guest bed, two dressers, a vanity, etc. Completely emptied out the room. The photo above is my to-scale layout. It looks like a huge space on the layout. But with the large table, bookcases, etc. in place it really isn't as large as it looks on the layout. The room is 12' x 12'11" and I'm loving it already. It even comes with a bathroom. I'm not completely moved in - I still have some purging left to do - but I'm already using it and loving the new, larger, much better organized space. Now I'm off to paint - in my new space!!!!!


Joy Journal: Sleeping late on a riany day.


Sherry C said...

I did that a few years back - eliminated a guest room so I could have a space of my own. In the new house that we're moving into I'm taking over two bedrooms. One for MY office, and one for my studio. On the rare occasions when we might have overnight guests they can sleep on the Aerobed in my office.

Enjoy your new space.

Odd Chick said...

Yah!! Some day I will have the courage to do this. It's in the end of my living room right now! Yuck!