Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three Clay Pots

Three Clay Pots - 16"x20" Watercolor on Arches 140 lb. paper
In September I went to Boone, NC to take a 4-1/2 day class with Linda Baker at Cheap Joe's. This was my first painting class and I had a wonderful time. I did two paintings simultaneously - work on one, while the first one is drying work on the other one - and managed to get both of them almost completely finished. I finished the final touches on them after I got home. The one I like the most is shown above. Linda is a very warm, engaging person and was very, very encouraging about my work. She even suggested I start entering some competitions (!!) but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet (if ever). The weather was gorgeous and we sat outside each day to eat lunch. And I must say it is almost too convenient to have the workshop space located in an art suppy store. And a wonderful workshop space it is!! Cheap Joe's is a class act all the way around. Boone is in the North Carolina mountains and I would love to be there when the leaves are turning colors.

I'm finding a lot of joy in my painting. And I'm beginning to get a little more confident in my abilities.

Joy Journal: Getting a small painting framed.


Sherry C said...

I love your clay pots - the colors, the composition, everything. Well done.

Just Jane said...

I do hope you'll consider entering competitions. You are very talented, Ernie, in more ways than one. Have confidence! (And now the song from The Sound of Music is running through my head.)