Saturday, January 05, 2013

So, What Have I Been Doing?

Polymer Play
So, what have I been doing with myself over the past few weeks? I've been playing. I needed a little break from painting so I've been playing with my polymer and, in particular, with Bettina Walker's Pixelated Retro Blend Cane. Such cool results from a really simple technique - and it uses my scrap clay!! This is just a small sample. Lots of the items I made have new homes - they were Christmas gifts.

This coming weekend I'm attending a small retreat that our local polymer guild is sponsoring. It will be a lot of fun gathering with like-minded artists and playing with our "stuff". We're renting a 5-bedroom cabin on a lake about an hour south of Atlanta. I don't usually sleep very well when I'm away from home but I'm sure I can survive two nights with little sleep. After all, I managed with almost no sleep for a week in Boone. It's so invigorating spending that much time being creative. I've been typing up a packing list of polymer stuff to take and, goodness!, I might have to rent a UHaul!!


Joy Journal: Good light for taking a photo.


Just Jane said...

Yay! Polymer!

A friend of mine, Sage, is the brilliance behind the magazine, Polymer Arts.

I can't believe how gorgeous this medium is. I hope you are having a most delightful weekend!

Sherry C said...

It's great when you can use your scraps to create beautiful things. They look amazing.