Friday, April 07, 2006


Today is my last day of FMLA leave for taking care of my mother. It's been tough seeing her in so much pain and going through the heart episode in addition to recovering from a vey painful broken pelvis. But it has been good to spend time with her. I will be lonesome when I go home, not having any family around. Gene and I live in two different worlds and I really feel lonesome sometimes. I know I should get out and make new friends but it isn't easy to do that. I'm not that easy to get along with and I can be much too demanding of people. And I can't seem to change that about myself.

And I'm not thrilled about having to go back to work Monday. I am thrilled to have a job (especially one that pays good money) but I sure wish it could be a more meaningful job and that it would be a lot more interesting. Wish early retirement were a viable option but it isn't.

Enough of the moaning and groaning. The weather has been beautiful most of the time that I've been in Warner Robins and I've been able to get a little yard work done for my mother, mostly cutting the grass and trimming some of the azaleas (which were really beautiful this year). I hope that soon she will be able to get out and work in her yard a little for herself but at 82 years old, I'm afraid that her days of serious yard work are over. And her yard is really beautiful and could be even more so if she were physically (and $$) able to do more.

I'm going to sign up for the Donna Kato workshop in Asheville when I get back to Douglasville. It should be fun.

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