Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We've finally gotten a little rain here in aptly nicknamed "Hotlanta". Not ENOUGH rain, but still, every little bit helps. My hydrangeas are looking like live plants now, not skeletons.

It's hard to believe that July is almost gone. I had my 63rd birthday yesterday. That sounds so old. Heck, I guess it IS old. But fortunately, I don't feel old most of the time. I think I've finally convinced most of my friends at the office that I really, honestly, don't want a birthday cake and party. I like having my birthday remembered, but I like it remembered in quiet little ways like a nice card and a sweet hug or a cute email.

I went to our local polymer clay guild meeting on Sunday. First time I've attended a meeting since it moved to the current location. They have a nice big meeting room but the tables are awful (my pasta machine would not stay clamped to the table) and the location is a long, long way from where I live. I'm going to try to attend more meetings since one of my goals is to become a more social person and, after all, it only meets once a month. But that drive is a killer!

I've completed several digital scrapbook pages about my family that I'm quite proud of. They are all done in the same technique since I wanted a consistency that would indicate that this a series.

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