Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dog Days Are Here!

The heat these days seems almost unrelenting. Even the office, which is often over-airconditioned, has been warm. Our human resources officer wants us to dress up a little more when we come to work. You know, jackets and things like that. No way! I would melt into a little puddle - ok, a big puddle. We're getting a lot of thunderstorms but they don't have any rain in them. Just wind, lightning and thunder. So I've finally resorted to the water sprinkler. Turned it on tonight around 7:30. Guess what. It started raining!! I just left the water sprinkler going. Maybe it is attracting the rain {grin}.

"Did lunch" with two of my bestest friends today, Linda and Bonnie. These two are really exceptional people. They both give me plenty of space to just be me. And they are both so accepting and empowering. Love you "girls." Looking forward to spending more time with you at the Retreat.

Had a nice long telephone call with my mother last night. It was so good to hear her sounding cheerful and upbeat. She's been through so much and I know it has to be hard for her. But her depression also makes it hard to enjoy a conversation with her. Maybe, finally, the depression is lifting. She got good reports on all of her most recent doctor visits, her internist, her heart specialist, her eye doctor and her orthopedic doctor. The orthopedist put her back on a short term prescription of Celebrex to help with her arthritis, and that alone has made her feel better. I'm spending the Labor Day weekend with her while Gene is in Dallas attending a magic convention and I think we'll have a good time. Going to get her some new, "more modern" eyeglasses (her words, not mine!). It will be just the two of us, Johnny and Jane will be in Destin for their annual Florida vacation.

My Flylady stuff is paying off! The house looks so neat and fresh when I come in from work. Except, of course, for the continuing dog hair everywhere! But that's the price you pay. Gotta have my furbabies.

Going to look at new mini-vans Sunday. I want a chance to tour the car lots without the salesmen following me around. My first inclination is the Honda Odyssey, then the Toyota and third the Chrysler Town & Country. I'll probably end up with the Chrysler as I expect it to be considerably less expensive than the other two. But I really want the Honda Odyssey. So who knows. I'm hoping that since it is year end I can get a decent price on a new, fully loaded 2006. Kinda strange to think that this might be the last new car I'll ever buy. Social Security just doesn't pay that well and I'm only 3 years from retirement. ONLY. Yeah. Don't want to wish my life away, but... Sure wish I didn't have to work for a living.

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