Friday, August 04, 2006

This Day

What is special about today? What makes it different than other days? Guess I should note that this is part of the "Things I'm grateful for" thoughts.
  1. It's Friday. No more work for two days. My time will belong to me.
  2. Ate Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner!! Love those things.
  3. Spent the rest of evening playing on my computer without a single feeling of guilt.

We sure could use some rain. Every day the weather forecasts show thunderstorms but the storms don't produce any rain. All of my beautiful hydrangeas look so forlorn. Guess I'm going to have to break down and water them. This drought that Georgia (and most of the Southeast) is in is wreaking havoc on everyone's landscaping.


Laurie said...

Ugh! We are coming to Atlanta in October to visit family. I sure hope you get a break in the heat and drought before then! Grab some SweetTea and put your feet up girl!

simplyred said...

October is one of my all-time favorite months in Georgia. The weather has moderated but is still warm enough to be outside and enjoy it. The trees are beautiful in the North Georgia mountains and the night time nip in the air is refreshing. You'll love October in Atlanta - all of this assumes, of course, that the drought doesn't decide to break while you are here (LOL). September and October are traditionally our driest months but also the months when hurricanes come through!!!