Monday, January 29, 2007

Office Move

Well, we moved our office this past weekend - from the 47th floor to the 46th floor. Lots of cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing just to move down one floor. How in the world do I accumulate so much "stuff"!!?? I brought the bare minimum with me to the new location and, amazingly, I haven't missed a single thing I didn't bring. Hmmmm, there seems to be a message there. We made this move so the floor we were on could get all new computer cabling, etc. And since the work has to be done through the ceiling, we couldn't stay where we were while they did the work. So we moved. And in four weeks we get to move back to where we were. It will be interesting to see how much "stuff" I accumulate in four weeks. Now I get to spend all day today unpacking my bosses' offices. Fun. But better than doing real work I guess.

Jo and I went to the polymer clay guild meeting Sunday (yesterday). I haven't been a very good member but intend to be more active this year, especially since I've been nominated to be the webmistress and stand a pretty good chance of getting the position. (I was volunteered, didn't offer myself up as a sacrifice.) Jo gave a demo on one of her techniques and we had a lot of fun following along. Jo didn't get the materials list on the Yahoo! Group page until Sunday morning so many of the attendees didn't even know we were having a demo and they didn't bring any supplies. Fortunately, between us we had enough extra to share so that others could also make a project.

And when I got home from the guild meeting, Gene had shampooed the living room/dining carpet!! Wow! I should leave him alone more often.


~~~Hummie~~~ said...

Shush, you are not supposed to remind me that I need to clean! Scrap, Scrap,Scrap!

Mary said...

Congratulations on being chosen Featured Member at SBB. I know you spend a lot of time encouraging others in the forum and the gallery. They chose well.

I tried to leave this comment at SBB, but for some reason I am blocked from replying in that thread.