Friday, May 02, 2008

I Did It!

I got my little sketch journal page finished. Of course, I have several others in various stages of completion, but this one had been missing one little picture on the bottom. I finally decided, enough procrastination - draw something! So I did. Ok, it's not the best, it's a little (a lot) "wonky" but it IS a drawing. Don't know why I had such a reluctance to finish this page, but I'm happy with it now that it's finished. Love the little boxes, like the colors, can see hope for improvement in the quality of sketches - even enjoyed sitting in the chair shown and drinking the Coke after I sketched it! I'm getting there.

This is how it looks finished:Thanks, Anetka, for the new entry for my Joy Journal. You know what I'm talking about.


Margaret Ann said...

Ooooh! These are lovely...and I love the grid that you drew them in...nice composition...:)

Also, What is a Joy Journal? Sounds very interesting! :)

Christie said...

Joyous drawings, indeed! (Or is the Joy Journal something else altogether?)No matter, it's still a joy to look at them.

Anetka said...

Ernie, your little drawings are amazing. I love the colours outside the window - breathtaking. I know how it feels when something stops you from finishing the drawing or sketch...but keep on drawing and sketching, you are doing great:)

Hummie said...

I am in awe at your talent! You could be giving these away as freebies for scrap pages!