Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today Makes 43

Today is my 43rd Wedding Anniversary. Forty-three years with the same man. Me, who never even wanted to get married. And I've managed to stay married, and happily married at that, for forty-three years. FORTY-THREE!! Forty-three very, very, very wonderful years with the only man on earth who could have put up with me for forty-three years. God created this particular man just for me and I'm so glad he did. And that in a moment of temporary sanity I said "Yes" when he proposed. And I love him more now than I did forty-three years ago.
Self Portrait with Husband

Joy Journal: Saint Gene


Odd Chick said...

OUUU, I must say, he is the cutest thing ever... and I don't mean the frog! Happy Happy Anniversary.

susie said...

Aww, congratulations on your 43rd Wedding Annivesary! Your hubby is a very handsome guy!

Anetka said...

Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary Ernie:))
Now, it's not only about your husband - Both of You Made it Happen:)

Margaret Ann said...

What a wonderful day for the two of you...a joyful post, a fabulous frog, and one really great guy! WooHoo! Ernie! Way to go! :)

Hummie said...

Oh, congratulations! 43 years! Wow...a great testimony!

Scrappy Cat said...

Oh my gosh - your anniversary is the same day as mine!! And we've been married 31 years ourselves.

Congratulations to you!!!