Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Long Journey


The journey with my mother continues. Her quality of life is so sad. She sleeps most of the time and is unhappy during the times she is awake. Conversation with her is very limited. It's sometimes almost as if she doesn't really exist. But I thank God daily that her dementia, as terrible as it is, isn't the Alzheimer's form of dementia. She still remembers all of her family and most of her life events up until the time she had her stroke. Everything after that is pretty much gone but since so much of it has been painful it's probably just as well. She's right here in the room with me as I type this and yet she isn't. And I miss her.

The photo above was taken at a very small private lake about 10 miles from my house.  It isn't the best photo I've ever taken and yet there is something about it that really appeals to me.  I wish I were there right now.
Joy Journal: A beautiful bright yellow bell pepper.

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Shelley said...

Ernie, you write so simply yet eloquently about your relationship with your mother. I went through a similar situation with my Mom, and I completely understand how much you miss her, even though she is still in the room.

I like your picture of lake very much. The view through the trees to the peaceful beauty beyond is like a glimpse of a secret garden. It beckons and comforts.

Sending you a {{{hug}}},