Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poke Salad


Summer is beginning to show signs of aging. But unlike me, Nature gets more colorful as she ages. At least for a while anyway. Poke salad is one of the plants that really turns on the color in late summer. The dark purple berries, the bright fuschia stems and the greenery seem to glow as the afternoon sun shines through the plant, a plant that is sometimes synonymous with the south. But summer isn't finished yet. Sweat was dripping in my eyes as I was taking this picture, reminding me (as if I could forget) that summer in Georgia is serious business. But I do love it. I get a little tired of the heat and a lot tired of the humidity. But I'll take summer over winter any day.

Things are still quiet here at Hendrix Homestead Retirement Heaven. I've been using some of my time getting the inside of the house in a little better shape, some of my time organizing all of the gazillions of my craft room/studio items and some of my time taking naps. I love being retired.

Joy Journal: Air conditioning in my car!

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Sherry C said...

I never realized that Poke Salad was a plant. I thought it was some kind of salad that existed someplace where I'd never been.

Beautiful photo.