Thursday, November 03, 2011


There is something about this picture that is just a little spooky. Other than resizing for the internet and the resultant need for a little sharpening, this picture is straight out of the camera with no alterations. It was taken at mid-day off the side of a road in the mountains of North Carolina. The sun was shining just right throught the trees and gave certain of the the green leaves a surreal glow. But it has an eerie quality to it, almost like the colors aren't natural. But they are. It looked sort of spooky in real life, too, and I was surprised when I opened the picture on my computer to see that it retained that quality. What's really spooky is that I like it!

I've started sketching out my next painting. It's going to be a cropped down version of one of my photos and you can expect old and rusty for sure. But it will also be 15" x 15" and is intended to be a companion piece for the first painting. I'm going to have to find some way to get them scanned into my computer!! I would welcome any suggestions.

I took my little 5"x8" painting to the framers for an estimate. YIKES!! Guess it will just have to be happy in an inexpensive little frame from Michaels. It is now hanging in my studio/craftroom/warehouse and it gives me a lot of pleasure. Saint Gene is going to have to get his workshop cranked up again and spend some quality time with his router to learn how to make picture frames!

Joy Journal: Rain

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Shelley said...

Ernie, the colors are absolutely fascinating (and a bit spooky). I love the vibrant glow of the green leaves as well as the red and purples of the surrounding leaves.

I'm excited that you are starting another painting. I am also a huge fan of rust and old machinery!