Saturday, November 19, 2011


Over the holiday week I'm going to be making some changes to my blog. Some time back Blogger changed it's platform ("Blogger in Beta") and I was dragged over to the new platform kicking and screaming. I was perfectly happy with my blog the way it was. Fortunately, one of my options was to be "sort of" on the new platform which would allow me to still have my blog the way it was. So I left it that way. But now, I want to change it so have decided to jump in with both feet and do a blog redesign. It won't be anything dramatic, I'm a simple life kind of girl (old girl, yes, but still a girl). Saint Gene keeps telling me I have to grow old but I don't have to grow up, so I haven't. But I want to have the little features like "Previous Post" instead of the archives (just in case someone in the wide open world of blogging is interested in knowing what I wrote three months ago). What I really would like to do is to use my own domain name - GypsyGoldStudio - after all I already own it! But I'm not sure I'm savvy enough to do that and real personal help with Blogger is non-existent. Anyway, this simple little changeover from partial new Blogger to complete new Blogger could leave me befuddled and out of circulation for a few days. Or not. We'll just have to see. So, anyway, if you happen to visit and things look weird, just give me time. But then again, I may be going for weird. But probably not.

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Just Jane said...

Good luck with the redesign!

The hardest part of using your own domain name is getting the settings right with whomever you purchased the domain from. I used Go Daddy and (mostly with only one really wretched exception) had a good experience with their tech support.

Gaelyn said...

Good luck. I keep dragging my feet on this one. Someday.