Sunday, January 29, 2012

Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis
See any tomatoes in the picture above? Hmmm. Me neither. Yet the tag plainly says these should be Baxter Early cherry tomatoes. Seems we might have an identity crisis here. As you might guess, this tag is a leftover from the gardening season. At one time there were little cherry tomatoes here, but that season is long over. However, a pot about 2 feet away from this one had a rather sparse display of Johnny Jump-Ups. We were disappointed in the planting but didn't bother to pull them up. Now we have Johnny Jump-ups blooming beautifully and abundantly in all of the pots that were anywhere near the original plants. Even some in pots that were 10 feet away. Johnny Jump-Ups are like morning glories, they self-seed like crazy. We didn't expect they would do that in our case because the production from the seeds we planted was so sparse and spindly. Seems as though we planted them at the wrong time and now with the unusually warm winter we're having, they have produced a second generation of plants that are delighting us daily. And I know that this generation will also self-seed and we'll have beautiful little happy faced plants all over everywhere, in every flower bed and even in the grass. And I say, "YES!! - Go for it little beauties. Join your friends the wild violets and bloom your little hearts out."


Joy Journal: A comfortable sweatshirt and cool air.


Sherry C said...

Love it, and your attitude :-)

Just Jane said...

There certainly aren't any tomatoes but Johnny Jump-Ups are a pretty fabulous trade off! I love those gorgeous little flowers and I'm glad you got a crop of them - especially because it was unexpected.

Shelley said...

Such gorgeous, cheerful flowers...and a happy surprise in the midst of winter (even if it is a mild one)! These brought a smile to me on this Monday morning.

Gaelyn said...

Johnny Jumpups are one of my favorite flowers, next to cherry tomatoes.