Sunday, January 05, 2014

Almost Frozen

 photo WinterHydrangea.jpg
I have to look really hard to find something beautiful to photograph in the winter. Browns and greys just don't appeal to me. But I think I managed to find something for this photograph. This was at the edge of a wooded area near my house and I'm pretty sure it's a hydrangea bloom. But it reminds me of an old sepia-toned photograph.

Jo and I went to a free art workshop/presentation at Sam Flax in Atlanta yesterday presented by Golden paints. The presentation was ok, and they gave us a free package of assorted Golden acrylic paints, but I thought I would die before it was over!! Yesterday the outside temp never got above freezing. And the temp inside Sam Flax was pretty close to that, too!! Their heating system was broken and the blowers were stuck in the "on" position. So it was blowing cold air directy on us. I've never wished more for a hat and gloves - I had the coat and definitely had it on and buttoned up. Jo was comfortable!! Everyone else was bundled up like Eskimos in Alaska. We decided to immediately go to Starbucks and get something warm in my body!! I need to check the package of paints I got and see if they have thawed out yet!!


Joy Journal: Starbucks Vanilla Latte, definitely!!


Shelley said...

That's a lovely sepia-toned winter hydrangea, Ernie. As always, you have a great eye for beauty and capturing it with your camera.

Brrr, the workshop certainly sounded cold. Thank goodness for Starbucks to help thaw you out!

Sherry C. said...

Beautiful image, and I really like the edge treatment.