Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Classy Situation

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I'm busy getting ready to teach a workshop for my local polymer clay guild - in April! The workshop is on making inros, little pendants that are based on the ancient Chinese inro box. From the way I'm preparing you would think the workshop is tomorrow. But that's just me. I like to be prepared well in advance, I make lists of things, I buy the supplies I need now, not in April. And then when the day finally comes, I still feel like I'm not ready! But I really enjoy the workshop itself. I love the teaching and interacting. And I get a lot of compliments so I must be fairly good at it.

And I've also been asked to teach a bookmaking class at Creative Journey Studios, but that won't be until either July or September. Not sure which yet so both dates are reserved on my calendar. Now this class I am very confident about. The class isn't hard and the results are something really unique - a star book. And there is a lot preparation involved in this class, but I've taught it before so I'm confident about it.

Heading up to frozen Tennessee Monday, could sure use a break in this COLD weather.

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