Tuesday, March 18, 2014


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It seems I've become obsessed wih making polymer inros. What are polymer inro? They are little boxes that open that you wear as a necklace. They are derived from the ancient Japanese inro which are far more complicated. I learned how to make them from the late Gwen Gibson, a polymer clay legend, many years ago and went on a run of making them. But I hadn't made one in a long, long time. I still wear the original ones I made and several times I had been asked by guild members to teach a class in how to make them. I finally agreed and thought, well, I better brush up on my technique to be sure I remember how before I try to teach someone else how to make one. After making the first one, I was completely hooked. And now I can't stop. I have plenty of samples, the workshop is filled up so I don't need to advertise - and I keep right on making more inros. I've sold four of them already (for April delivery) but I think I'm going to have to a find a bigger market or else quit making them. And I can't seem to quit!!


Joy Journal: Plenty of time to play with my polymer.

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